From one-off call-outs to looking after the long-term health of your solar system,

Our annual solar maintenance plan is the only way to be confident you’re getting the most from your system.

This is what you get

Semi-annual proactive maintenance visits. Includes full visual and mechanical multi-point inspection of your solar power system.

Put simply: We go over your system with a fine tooth comb twice a year. So you can be assured it’s always giving you peak profit.


Full post-visit report of any issues detected.

Put simply: something needs fixing, you’ll know about it.


Diagnosis of all failures within 48 business hours. Repair within 4 working days. Guaranteed*. In case of whole-system-shutdown, we aim to have you up and running within 2 business days*.

Put simply: If something needs fixing, we fix it fast.

Commercial solar repairs
Commercial solar repairs

Coordination of Warranty Service & Repair

Put simply: If any part under warranty breaks, we do all the paper donkey-work to get a replacement from the supplier. You don’t have to do a thing.


Up to $1000/year credit towards labor for repairs

Put simply: You pay NOTHING for up to $1K worth of repairs. Every single year.


Bi-weekly online monitoring.

Put simply: We don’t take our eyes off your system. It stays problem-free. You stay worry-free.


*Subject to availability of materials

This is what we check

We go over everything that could possibly cause problems and cost you $$$. This is what that ‘everything’ looks like:

We make sure you
don’t have any of this...

Disturbance of your roof drainage.

Signs of water pooling underneath your array.

Plant growth nearby

New shade items blocking your panels.

Ground erosion near the base of ground-mounted systems.

Corrosion on the outside of enclosures or exposed parts of the racking system.


Signs of animal infestation underneath your array.

Excessive sign of wear and tear on the electrical pad/inverter.

Signs of defects on your PV modules (burn marks, discoloration, delamination, or broken glass)

Excessive buildup of dirt from animal dropping

Defects on the racking system(rust, corrosion, sagging, and missing or broken clips or bolts.)

Debris or water damage inside the boxes.

Discoloration on the terminals, boards, and fuse holders.

Signs of corrosion or damage to your disconnects.

Signs of water, dust or rodents in your inverters. 

Damage to your DAS hardware

…and make sure you
do have all of this

Proper signage in place all around your array.

A totally clean, debris-free site.

Secure module wiring

Proper support, bushings, and expansion joints for your conduits (where needed).

Fully functioning connections inside your combiner boxes.

100% sealed cabinet penetrations.

Field terminations in working order.

Fully operational DAS hardware, with live internet connection.

Whoever said ‘ignorance is bliss’….

...was NOT talking about the
performance of your solar system
You could...

Let small under-the-radar problems become system-breaking serious.

Keep guessing if you’re earning all the SRECs your vendor predicted.

Put your larger-than-you'd-like-to-think-about investment on the line.

Or you could...

Detect and fix problems before they affect your profits.

Get top performance from your system year after year.

Rest assured you’re getting ROI to write home about. 

With plans from
as little as $250 per month,
there shouldn’t be much to think about

Start your maintenance plan today.

Take the stress out of
maintaining your
solar system

Safeguard your investment (and your sanity). 
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