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As a new division of Berkowatts Electric, we’re a young company with a wise old head on our shoulders. So when it comes to solar maintenance -

we don’t do mediocre.

Work with us, and you’ll get the technical know-how and a VIP customer experience built by one of the best teams in the business.

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Berkowatts Electric is one of the biggest and well-known solar installers in New Jersey. In 2020, their solar team saw a problem. So many commercial buildings were calling for maintenance support for their solar systems. It was more than the installation teams could squeeze in.

So they set up Checked.Solar, a company solely focused on providing solar maintenance for commercial systems.

That’s the backstory. And  when you work with Checked.Solar, you don’t get just any old maintenance men. Because we’re backed by Berkowatts, you get all the benefits and experience they have to offer - 
All Berkowatts’s brains.
(AKA how to fix any solar issue under the sun.)
All Berkowatts’s warehouse
 (AKA almost any replacement part.
With almost zero waiting time.)
All Berkowatts’s service.
(AKA with a smile. On our faces. And on yours.)
Berkowatts warehouseBerkowatts warehouse

Checked.Solar < > Your system 
It just makes sense

Your solar system gets top-drawer treatment with our maintenance plans. And so do you.
Stellar Customer Service
Paying people money to fix problems you’d rather not have isn’t so exciting. Not least when the outlay’s more than you bargained for.
We get that. That’s why when something does go wrong, we fix it to the highest standard using the best-quality parts. And we make the experience as smooth and easy as possible. Our solar systems aren’t cobbled together. Neither is our service.
Proactive Approach
We don’t believe in waiting around for problems to happen. We check, double check, and even triple check to nip any issue in the bud before it becomes a problem.
Twice a year on-site. And bi-weekly online. (We’re called Checked.Solar for a reason.)

An eye on the environment
For us, being in solar isn’t just a career choice. It’s a commitment.
A commitment to protecting the environment through the use of sustainable energy. And that environmentally-aware outlook is in everything we do. From reducing waste by sending unused metal to scrap yards, to never wasting an opportunity to tell our customers about energy-saving ideas. We do our part for the planet. And help you do the same.
10 Years Experience
Experience isn’t everything in solar maintenance. It’s the only thing. The only thing that sets apart the real-deal pros from rookie pa.
And fortunately for you, our team of solar experts have shed-loads of it. We make sure our technicians’ training is always up to date so they can tackle any issue that comes their way. 

Meet the boss

Ben Raber

Operations Manager

Ben’s extensive training in solar, including a stint with Solar Edge, manufacturer of the most popular solar parts, is reflected in his intimate understanding of solar systems. 
But even more crucial than that, he’s as cool as a cucumber. So when a crisis happens, he stays calm. 

In other words, he’s the type of guy you want running the show when your several-hundred-thousand-dollar system suddenly shuts down.

With many years of experience managing the solar team at Berkowatts, no solar issue baffles Ben. From the troubleshooting to the logistics, Ben’s well-oiled problem-solving skills work things out every time.

Ben Raber the boss of checked.solarBen Raber is the boss of

“Ben’s the person you can trust to get the job done right."

"Ben has an excellent temperament. Even when there’s lots of action, he has the ability to stay calm and focused. He’s the person you can trust to get the job done right. His team never looks for shortcuts. They get a complete understanding of the problem at hand. And work out the best-fit solutions for any given system. When I have an issue with one of the solar systems I supplied, he’s the first guy I call."
Jacob Sussman, Evergreen Solar
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