Migraine-free maintenance for your solar system. For less than the price of your

Get one of the most experienced commercial solar teams in New Jersey on your system's case. We'll keep an eye on your panels.
So you keep making a profit.

Get stress-free solar maintenance
* Our average package is just $8.21 per day
Division of
Division of berkowatts electricDivision of berkowatts electric
30 full time
solar installers.
30 full time
solar installers.
Division of
Division of berkowatts electric

You spent so much on solar. Without proper maintenance, you aren't getting your money's worth.

That's a shame.

Because your savvy investment in solar should pay itself back many times over. And it will. If it's looked after. 

But — staying on top of your system isn't so simple. Because...

How many times a year are your site managers up on the roof?

Do they even know where to watch for water damage?

Or what loose wires look like?

Or how to check if they're chewed-through?

Solar O&M
remove headaches with check.solar

These "small" problems can take down your system and cost you north of $50K in lost SRECs. In just a few months. That's a big deal.

Sure, with a modern system you might have monitors set up on every panel to track production. But let's be honest — are you actually paying attention?

The truth:
Out of sight is out of mind. Besides, you don't have the headspace to think about it anyway — you've got a property to look after.

But with the cost of something going wrong so high, you need a solution you can rely on.

Electricians are
not enough

When a fuse flips at home or work, you phone the electrician. With super complicated solar systems — it's not the same. 

Because if you're not like-the-back-of-your-hand familiar with what you're looking at, it's hard to find and fix the faults.

Warranty ≠ 

Warranties are great (if you have one) for repairing the problems you know about. But for dealing with the ones you don't  — not so much. And with solar systems, it's these unidentified issues that can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Small problems become big problems. And big problems become big holes in your balance sheet. Why wait until the electric bill comes to find out?

Being reactive is not enough. To get the most out of your investment, a proactive plan is the only way to go.

Get the most out of your maintenance plan with Checked.Solar

An annual plan is the only way to guarantee you get the best returns from your solar system over its lifespan. With 10+ years of experience and the unmatched resources of Berkowatts Electric behind us, you'll get the knowledge and the service to keep your system in tip-top shape.
Rapid response...Check
Get a diagnosis from one of our 30+ solar technicians wherever you are in NJ. In less than 48 working hours.
All-weather service...Check
Come rain or shine, we come. Whatever the weather, our year-round crews will be on your roof to fix the problem in no time. No exceptions. No excuses.
Near 0% downtime...Check
Get your system checked out in less than a working week. We give our 110% so you can enjoy near 0% downtime from your systems (in other words —  they're almost always making you money).
Can we fix it?...Check
With over a decade in the field (or on the roof) and 50MW of installations and repairs, we've seen it all. No matter what system you have, who installed it, or how complex the issue is, our teams will diagnose the problem. And put it right.
Parts in stock?...Check
As we’re a division of Berkowatts Electric, their full-to-the-brim 6000 square ft warehouse of spare solar parts is at your service. So if something goes wrong, chances are you won't have to wait around to get it fixed.
They've simply seen more problems and know more solutions than other companies."
"If Berkowatts installed your system, using them for maintenance just makes sense. They'll understand it much better than anyone else, so you'll get more value for your money. And even if they didn't, they spend so much time getting up to speed you'll be sure to get a thorough service. As one of the biggest solar firms in New Jersey, they've simply seen more problems and know more solutions than other companies."
Jacob Sussman, Evergreen Solar

Sounds like a plan?

Here's what you get:
Solar O&M
No-Migraine Annual
Maintenance Plan

All plans include:
2 preventive maintenance checks based on a 23-point inspection list. (No stone left unturned. Literally.)
Post-check report of any issues found (And how to fix them.)
Bi-weekly remote monitoring. (To nip problems in the bud.)
Liaison with suppliers to get replacements for parts under warranty. (So you don’t have to bother with the paperwork.)
Up to $1000 labor for repairs.
(Because you deserve it.)
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When you 'wait and see', you wait for trouble.

Your solar system is not like your sedan. Carry on driving until a part breaks — you'll pay for it at the garage. Eventually. When something's wrong with your solar system, you lose money in lost production every day. And if it's not meticulously monitored, you might never know.
Things can go wrong.
Things do go wrong.
Like $8-10K in-lost-production-a-month wrong. Even in the first few years. So hoping for the best is not going to help. The longer you leave it, the lower your output can be. The earlier you get a proactive maintenance plan, the more money you'll make from it in the long run.

Smart business owners get solar system maintenance

Will you throw caution to the wind (or rain, or snow, or squirrels) and risk your 6-figure investment?

Or get peace of mind and pile up your profits for as
little as $250 a month?

get solar maintenance checked.solar
You don't have to stress over your solar system. Start your plan today, with Checked.Solar.
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